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Originally Posted by Chloe222 View Post
legal blood alcohol level in GA is .08. What is the BAC limit in Georgia?

The legal limit of BAC for a driver is .08. This means anyone driving on the roads in Georgia with an alcohol level of .08 or higher can be charged with drunk driving. Drivers under 21 can be charged with a BAC as little as .02 or effectively one drink of alcohol. For commercial drivers, charges can be brought on with a BAC of .04. If a suspect is found to have a BAC of .15 or higher, they may encounter enhanced penalties.

Yes, BAC in Georgia is .08. That's by itself. Also in Georgia, if there are other circumstances involved that an officer considers reckless or unsafe (such as my DH's 11 mph over the speed limit), the law states that it only takes .05+ along with those unsafe circumstances to make it eligible to be charged as a DUI. His attorney said Georgia is one of the few states that has this law.

Fortunately, it did not come to that. Right now, he is feeling really bad since he tries to do things right all of the time. You know how we're all our own worst enemies and critics.

Thanks for the concern.

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