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Good morning all you IPers.

I need some prayers. My DH is on his way to court. The could turn very bad. Both of us tend to live in Murphy's world (my boss once said Murphy is camped in our front yard giving training lessons to new Muprhys). Anyway, He accidentally miscalculated twice and of course, he got caught.

He was to go help my best friend in another city fix her exercycle, but first meet she and her grandsons for pizza. He was running late, did not have her number, and instead of calling me to call her, figured he could make up some time out on the open road (first miscalculation) Wrong. He got stopped for speeding. He has not had a ticket in over 20 years, so he was really nervous and shaking. Since he was shaking, plus had just used a breath spray, the officer decided to give him a sobriety test. Personally, I feel he was profiled as he is very skinny, worn face from 30 years of smoking, and has a tattoo on his arm. Being scared (and about as coordinated as I am), he couldn't pass the sobriety test. Here comes the BIG miscalculation he had drank some Vodka the night before (early morning, he was just coming off nights and couldn't sleep). It would be 5 or 6 hours before he was to drive, but what he didn't calculate was it was on an empty stomach and he's small (5'9" 145 lbs soaking wet) and apparently doesn't metabolize alcohol like the books say. So, between the Listerine breath spray and some residual alcohol, the breathalyzer was at the legal limit. The officer took him into town to the hospital for a blood test then he was arrested (that was my first nightmare last summer - couldn't find him for 6 hours).

Now, finally court. Unfortunately, his blood test came back .051. Georgia has this rule that anything over .05 and what the officier deems reckless/unsafe can be considered a DUI. So, does his speeding ticket fall under reckless? It's not at the legal definition of reckless, but not just a few miles over (11).

I ask for prayers, please. I know this is all in the hands of God on how the judge and the officer see the facts on how bad it is. He always tried to do the right things. He's not a drunk and a very good guy. He wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone.

He asked me not to go with him to court, so I'm home going crazy. How I would love to eat all those comfort foods from before, but I will not.

Thanks for all of you on this forum to be there for IP things and for things that are not.

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