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Originally Posted by 3sisters View Post
Good Morning! Need some advice on how to stay OP this weekend when I host a big family get-together for my son who will be here visiting. It will be in the evening - dinnertime - so will be ok all day OP until I'm confronted with cooking and all the NON-program foods tht will be served. I'm grilling turkey brats/italian sausage - so know I can have that, and will have plenty of cut up veggies I can munch on - but any tips on how to keep myself away from the other "stuff" - my old nemesis foods?
Just remember..if you go off plan you will lose a few days of weightloss..I was doing really well was down 13.7 lbs in 10 days then had wine..still went down 2 lbs that day so i decided to have wine again and pizza this time (someone mentioned as soon as you cheat it is easier to cheat the next time, CORRECT) then the scale went up 2lbs and stayed there for 2 days...i am now back in ketosis..I bought the strips and this a.m I am back on track but lost a few days...stay on track and focus! It feels better to miss out and know you were strong than to give in and feel bad for 2-3days that you lost momentum! I am new at this but this is what I feel. I am now not sure if my body will be as quick at losing as it was before the cheat days...
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