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Originally Posted by 3sisters View Post
Good Morning! Need some advice on how to stay OP this weekend when I host a big family get-together for my son who will be here visiting. It will be in the evening - dinnertime - so will be ok all day OP until I'm confronted with cooking and all the NON-program foods tht will be served. I'm grilling turkey brats/italian sausage - so know I can have that, and will have plenty of cut up veggies I can munch on - but any tips on how to keep myself away from the other "stuff" - my old nemesis foods?
Just think about what you want more? Do you want to be healthier and skinnier or do you really want that off program food? The food will be there when you journey is over. If you have an urge to cheat, grab a packet instead. It's better to cheat with OP food than off program foods.

Is there someone that can help you be accountable that you can go to? If you start craving or wanting someone, tell that person "please talk me out of this".

Stay stong. You can do it!

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