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Default My gym crush plays too much.

There is this gym employee that is easily the most gorgeous man I have been within 2 ft. I told my husband and he agrees the guy is worthy of a crush. I have never said a word to the guy but he has probably caught me looking a few times. So I thought I had managed to keep my attraction to myself but No matter how hard I try to play it cool while on the elliptical machine, if he comes by I can watch my heart rate elevate and my face start to flush, stupid physiology. Anyhow, I am so sure he is stroking his ego when he ellicits this response from women in the gym but I suspect I am an easy target because I awkwardly leave and go do weights or walk the track if I get flushed. I may be paranoid but i feel like he strategically stands near a door that I can see reflected by windows when i am on the elliptical or comes and wipes down empty equipment beside me just to make me sweat. My husband pointed out that it is just a rooster strutting but I still can't help but get angry for reacting. How do you handle a gym crush? Switching workout times is not an option due to kiddie and a job.
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