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I've been neglecting diet and exercise as often as not lately. I'm really stressed out with my deadlines and finding it very difficult to make time for much exercise. So, I'm trying to squeeze in a little at a time when I take breaks in work, but the requisite intensity for burning calories effectively isn't there right now. I'm at 176 now.

Serious depression, still not handling relationship limbo well, and a lot of unexpected problems with the dissertation defense scheduling have gotten to me a lot. I'm finding it really hard to concentrate, really hard to stay motivated, and even harder to stay focused on fitness goals. I think that right now, I can only fight one big battle at a time, so I'm hoping to get through the last draft of my project this week and trying not to be upset that my weight loss efforts are slacking a little. When I am too hard on myself about this, I tend to give up on the dieting and I don't want to do that right now.

But, I am walking every day, taking my diet pills, avoiding the urge to eat junk food (I caved in and had chocolate though for the past few days and I've been carb heavy in my food in an effort to lift my spirits enough to work), and counting calories. I'm under 1600 a day. That's 600 more calories than I want, but, I'm finding it hard to focus on 1000 right now.

Having a tough few days, but I thought I should check in. How are all of you?
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