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Default Good morning, good queenlies!

|We had three warm and sunny days in a row, just gorgeous. Lots of walking in short sleeves for me.

I've been following the Paleo plan (no grains or grainesque substances, no sweeteners of any kind, no dairy, no beans, no alcohol) since Monday and I would have to say the jury's out at this point. I'm down 2.4 and feeling mostly ok but... I'd been having a little spelt bread and rice crackers and etc. and would have expected my weight to be down at least 2 just from cutting those out. We shall see. If I don't feel the plan to be as beneficial as they say, I'll probably switch to something more like South Beach. I mean, beans? No matter what kind of plan I've been on I've usually considered hummus and carrot sticks my inalienable right.

Anagram, so sorry about your friends! We've had a couple of them go recently too, one at 38. I feel you on the family stuff, too. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who -- like me -- tends to get overly emotionally involved in that kind of thing. Sounds like you're doing the right thing, but it's just never comfortable, is it?

Huzzah, Amarantha! And a woot, too, for finagling a 3-day weekend. That begins to sound livable. Some day I dream of doing similar but right now we're sunk into preparing for semi-retirement, which means working hard. Bah.

Congrats on that nice streakity-streak of yours, too.


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