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Originally Posted by swimcoachmomma View Post
Good morning all. Congrats on the weighing and welcome to the newbies. This is a great forum for support, especially for those of us with coaches who are less than helpful.

Wuv, how is your friend Hassan ?? I thought I would ask because his name is still on my prayer list.
Thanks for asking, He is not doing well. He was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome. They did a spinal tap on him yesterday but could not get any fluids at all, not a drop. He had a bad night last night and started vomiting. I haven't talked to his wife yet today, I am hoping they are getting some rest. I will call and check on him later today. Please keep him on your prayer list....Thank you soooo much

Originally Posted by purple sky View Post
DH and I are now down 80 lbs. 80 pounds in 84 days.
Thats awesome, Big D and Bubba on the radio station are trying to lose 100lbs in 100days!!...y'all are doing great!

I had my 46th WI today and gained 2lbs which was expected. I was honestly expecting like a 5lb gain or so since being on Phase 3 for 2 weeks. So I am ok with it. I am going back to Phase 1 tomorrow so next week I should have a good loss, we will see.

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