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Originally Posted by angie773 View Post
that is AMAZING! just on the IP diet or are you doing anything else?
Nope. Just IP. We started right before New Year's. We set a 100 day goal, well commitment because you know we did not know what we were getting into when we started. I budgeted for 5/6 months just in case it worked....based that on weight loss numbers I saw on this board. Based on my height and amount to lose I thought I might lose 3 pounds a week and assumed he might lose 5 pounds a week. I ended up averaging 2 and he 4 but that's fine. 3 months to a really good place.

As an aside but related I felt like I got my honey back. Within days of losing I saw someone I had rarely seen FOR YEARS. He was yucky and grumpy and unpleasant for so long. But, he really enjoys this diet and has done so well. I mean he eats beef/steak nearly every day. What man wouldn't enjoy that?He started communicating more. I did not know he talked. It was like that weight was burdening him, holding him back, controlling him. Carbs had a hold of him. I now understand this better (Blood Sugar Solution...Dr. Hyman) Carbs are more addictive than drugs.

He dropped quickly, as men do, and my losses have been slow and steady. Very slow but steady. We actually take turns losing weight. For example he was at 52 lbs the other day and so yesterday I got to 26. Today he hit 54 lbs so I should lose my next pound in a few days. It's funny how it works but my weight loss is almost always half of his. I started at about 1/2 his weight and plan on ending at 1/2 his weight.

WI#1: 1.8 WI#2: 5.0 lighter clothes WI#3: 2.2tom WI#4: 1.6 WI#5: 2.6 WI#6: 1.4 WI#7: 2.6 WI#8: 1.8tom WI#9: 1.2 WI#10: 2.8 WI#11: 1.2 WI#12: 1.2 WI#13: 1.8tom WI#14: 2.8
starting goal weight: 130. Goal met 4.5.12
Phase 2 WI#15: 0.6 WI#16: 2.2 WI#17: 0.2tom Phase 3 WI#18: 1.2 WI#19: 0.6
Started Phase 4 on 5.11.12 at 125

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