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Originally Posted by purple sky View Post
You know my coach has a lot of muscle and can weigh much more than people thinks she weighs and wear a very small size.
Yes, I'm fitting into things that I would've had to weigh less to fit into previously! I'm quite happy with how toned I actually am, its a good feeling! That's why I'm wondering if I may end up picking a goal weight that is higher than 130. From this point forward I will have to take it pound by pound I guess. Not that I'm happy with where I am yet, just I'm starting to see I may not know what weight looks right on me til I get there.

Hope everyone has a fabulous OP day 4 more days and I get carbs for breakfast for my mini-phase 3!! I think my first meal will be sprouted grain bread toasted with almond butter & fat free greek yogurt with mixed berries *excited dance*

WI#1: -4.6 WI#2: -4.2 WI#3: -0.2 WI#4: -2.6 WI#5: -3.1 WI#6: -3.2 WI#7: -0.3 WI#8: -4.5 WI#9: -1.4 WI#10:+0.6 *Starting Mini Phase off for Vacation WI#11: -3.4 (phase 2) WI#12 -0.7 (phase 3), WI#13: n/a in Mexico WI#14 +5.2 (from last IP weigh-in, weighed in at home) WI#15 -6.6 (which leads me to believe the vacation weight was mostly water retention) WI#16 -4.1
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