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Hello CuteKitty9! I was excited to see a Nutrisystem post. There is not much activity for it on the boards.

I did Nutrisystem for a couple of months, but got sick of the food. I do recommend the plan to others, though, because the portion control element was so beneficial and it absolutely got me on track. I still think about going back on it, but might wait until they add some different food choices.

The shakes aren't bad. They have a good flavor. I had to tweak the amount of water I added, because for me the consistency was too thick and I didn't like that. They didn't slow down weight loss for me because they replace the Dairy/Protein serving that was on the old plan, so you aren't getting additional calories.

The new lingo is confusing, I agree. I also don't like that you get less fruit now than with the old plan. To me, even though fruit is a carb, its benefits outweigh the extra carbs. I printed off the grocery list so that I could refer to it as needed. They also have a list in the food diary that will come with your shipment to show you what category to eat. I also logged my food on their website.

One thing I loved was that I could tweak my auto-shipment whenever I wanted. When I ate something I didn't like, I'd immediatly log in and remove it from my order and add something else. I would constantly update my order throughout the month so that I had the best chance of liking what I got on my next shipment. If you go with the frozen food option, there are even more food choices and some of them look quite tasty. For me, that was too expensive, so I stuck with the basic plan.

Good luck!
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