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Default Nutrisystem Success Program?

Good Morning! This is my first time posting. I just ordered Nutrisystem. I have about 20lbs to lose. I don't see any super recent threads on Nutrisystem and I was wondering what your thoughts are on the new "Success" program. I did the old "Advantage" program about 2 years ago and lost 10lbs, which at the time, was all I needed to lose. I've since gained it back plus, so I'm back again. I like the portion control and the convenience. I just hope I don't tire of the food quickly.

With the new plan, I'm trying to figure out how the protein shakes fit in (How do they taste? Will the extra calories slow down weight loss?) and trying to wrap my brain around the new lingo. I wish they would have stuck to "protein, carb, and fats" it was a lot easier to remember.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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