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well, I already have 4 tattoos (a tiger on my right ankle, garter on my left thigh, coiled dragon as a tramp stamp, and the cheshire cat at the nape of my neck). I want to get a half or 3/4 sleeve done, but I asked my husband to design it and gave him a 3-4 year time frame (it is gonna take me awhile to save up the money for what I want). I already have 3 holes in each ear, and my navel, and my nipples done. I had a tounge ring, but my dentist said that after 7 years it was massing up my i am thinking of getting a hood piercing when I get down to 155 or so. It gives me time to build up some courage, and I think it is something that after the initial healing period me and my husband could both enjoy.

Does anyone in here have one of those? I just wanted some info, and although I am sure I can find alot of websites about it if I really look, I would rather get an opinion from an actual person and not a random website.
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