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Sunday, March 18, 2012
Calories consumed: Cal. 1,342.21, Carb. 211.85g, Fat 12g, Prot. 82.37g

10 Egg Whites, cooked with Pam
2 oz. Mozzarella Cheese, shredded, part skim
15.42 oz. Potatoes
28 oz. can Crushed tomatoes, no salt
1 Onion, diced
1 Bouillon cube, Knorr chicken
1 can Fruit Cocktail, Lite, Safeway brand
6.95 oz. Zucchini (1 medium)

I made soup out of 6 - 8 cups of boiling water then added the potatoes, crushed tomatoes, onion, bouillon cube and spices. It turned out great and only took 25 minutes to cook. It's raining today and is a good day to have soup it was like thick and chunky delicious tomato soup.

This morning I cooked a 10 egg white omelet with spices with 2 oz. of Mozzarella inside of it. I divided that in half and ate half for breakfast half for lunch. I opened up a can of Fruit Cocktail and put it in 3 small containers and will eat one each meal.

I'm pretty stuffed right now and I still have a serving of the fruit cocktail and a huge bowl of soup and the steamed zucchini left to eat.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I always have trouble on Sunday's eating too many calories I doubt if I will this week because I'm stuffed to the gills.

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