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I have come up with an great protein shake with no artificial sweetners. Unfortunately I can't tolerate artificial sweetners very much - and found I can't eat many of the MF products I just purchased (shakes and brownies for example).

So this is a little higher in calories due to the higher fat and sugar content - but if I love the taste and can stick with the program longer - it is worth a few extra calories for me. This shake taste great and very healthy in terms of vitamins and nutrients.

Coconut Milk 1 cup (50 cals/5 fat/1 carb/0 fiber/1 protein)
Syntrax Nectar 1 scoop Whey Protein unflavored (40 cals/0 fat/0 carbs/0 fiber/10 protein)
Ovaltine 2T (40 cal/0 fat/10 carbs/0 fiber/0 protein
1 fiber capsul
Total (130 cal/5 fat/11 carbs/5 fiber/11 protein)

I realize this shake may not be for everyone - but it is helping me get through the program. I use So Delicious coconut milk (unflavored) in the health food area of my local grocery store.

I also use the Syntrax powder and add 1 scoop to Lipton cream of chicken cup of soup (100 calories/1.5 fat/12 carbs/11 protein).

I did a lot of research on whey protein powders and found syntrax on amazon. It mixes and dissolves great. It does make the milk and soup a little thicker (but no grit or lumps at all) - so I add ice to the shake and a little water to the soup. I LOVE this protein and it will be a staple of mine now.

I also add the Syntrax (1 scoop) to 1/2 cup pumpkin and 1T fat free cream cheese and a packet of stevia and microwave for 1 min (that is yummy too). I also take the syntrax out and put in egg beaters instead. Yes I know the cream cheese is a stretch but again - if it helps me to stay on this plan - it is well worth it for me personally.

Hope this helps. Please post more ideas - I came up with the coconut shake when I saw someone suggest ovaltine on this thread. So keep the ideas coming!!
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