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Originally Posted by K9Owner View Post
Where's Sarah?? Missing you,gf!

Thanks for thinking of me! I'm here -- just have been preoccupied lately. My 19-year-old cat has been giving me a scare. I honestly thought she'd have to be put to sleep last week. But the vet said there is no ONE thing that indicates that action-- just a lot of little things, and maybe we can fix some of them. So I've been trying a lot of different foods and medicine, and cleaning up a lot of poop off the floor. But guess what? She seems to be improving! It almost seems like a miracle that a cat that old could bounce back like that.

Anyway, that has taken a lot of my energy and attention.

I decided to make a push for that last 10 lbs. I lost about 35 since July, and have been holding steady at the top of my goal range (135). But I would really like to see the bottom of my goal range (125).

Lately I've been focusing on calories out, but it's time to look at calories in again.

I upgraded my Fitbit (although I got one that isn't working 100% right, so I need to go back and get it replaced) -- and they changed the way they display the information on the website. I set my settings for a 500 calorie deficit. As I go through the day, it tells me "you can still eat xx calories (out of yy)" -- it's based on my activity history. If I'm less active than usual, it starts subtracting from my allowance, and if I'm more active, it adds. This motivates me to step it up, even though I'm insanely busy right now, and don't have time for dedicated exercise.

So yesterday, for example, I ate 1879 calories, but I burned 2644 (That's about 8 miles of walking throughout the day. I've been motivated to achieve a certain number of steps each day, because you get "badges" for different levels. Silly, I know, but it works). At the beginning of the day, my allowance was 1481 calories, but by the end of the day, I had increased it to 2214 by all the walking I did.

I've been feeling like I "want to eat" lately, so I do need a higher allowance than 1400! I've even indulged in a Snickers bar (paid for by walking).

I'm lucky that part of the "insanely busy" is stuff that I can do while moving around. I have a mini-trampoline set up by the computer, so I can stand there and type. I'd love to have a treadmill desk!

Back to work... and I just heard a cat throwing up, so I have some carpet to clean...
I did not mean to gain 40 lbs over the last 25 years. It was a snacksident.
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