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Today, I'm actually feeling fat. Maybe I'm bloated, maybe it's almost that time of the month, maybe my sitting down all week to work and not exercising enough and giving in to poor food choices a few times is catching up with me. Today, the scale said 176. So, I took a diet pill and went for a walk again. In fact, every time I have taken a break from work, I'm trying to do some small physical thing that will burn some calories -- going up and down the stairs a few times, walking up and down the street, crunches and push-ups in my room. It's not a big chunk of time, but it's like chipping away at something, in a way. I did go walking 3 days this week and running 1 day, but it wasn't enough to combat the other things, I guess.

I'm going to get back to the gym tomorrow (it opens again after Spring Break) and spend an hour there, regardless of what deadlines are hanging over me. My goal next week will be to go to the gym at least 3 times and exercise for at least 1 hour.

Today, I'm feeling emotional. I don't like it. Lots to do. I'll keep trying little things every break-time and maybe I can integrate my two separate goals a little better in my life.
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