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Originally Posted by amaliayosa View Post
In the same boat! Hit goal with the exception of 7 pounds lol(see my after pic below) Since September I put on 11-12 pounds. Back op for 4 days now and so far down 4.
I can see why you stopped your after is great...but your before was good too.

Originally Posted by Endless Dieter View Post
Gained a few pounds on vacation- did two week re-boot and lost ten. Nice to know re-boots work.
Keep up that routine...I did for 8 months and then got loosey goosey and bam! Lesson learned here now back to what I know works in maintenance.

Originally Posted by Sewmam View Post
question: when you just do a few days, isn't that mostly water loss? don't they say that the fat loss kicks in after that, so wouldn't it need to be at least a week, maybe two?
For the 8 months that I stayed in maintenance and kept it off...I always followed cheat days with phase 1 days and kept it off and followed week long vacations with 4-5 days of phase 1. But I stopped that routine 2 months ago and it has caught up with me.

I am doing 8 perfect days and yes the first few were probably fluid loss...but oh that feels so good and so much less bloated. I am then having a cheat day and then doing another 8 perfect days and then hoping to jump back into my old routine.

Being almost a year out in maintenance is very challenging. I was thinking everything would be perfect forever.

: each 5 gone!
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