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Originally Posted by luckymommy View Post
That's a great plan! I can relate! I hit goal in August and then, by December, I put on some weight and by January, I was up 12 lbs. or so....don't remember though exact amounts. I've been attempting all kinds of reboots and I'm doing a lot better, but I find it to be a constant battle....a battle worth fighting every single day. Good job!

Originally Posted by bigpassport View Post
Good luck with the reboot Darbs! It's so great you saw the slippery slope ahead and got off the slide! I started a two week reboot that has turned in to 4 weeks of Phase 1, 2 weeks of Phase 2 and 2 weeks of Phase 3. My coach said the 2 weeks of Phase 2 and 2 weeks of Phase 3 were mandatory for the pancreas re-set protocol. Which is fine, I've lost in Phase 2 and Phase 3. I've lost about 13 lbs which is all the holiday weight plus a couple lbs. I'm actually now below my original IP low of last August. Yay! I have 8 days left before I'm back to Phase 4. You can totally do this, it's like riding a bike.
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Sounds great. I hope it woks for you! It has taken me a couple of months to lose 12 pounds. Not sure why...but I will blame exercise on part of the slowness.
Different situations and amounts to lose for sure

Originally Posted by Maile View Post
Good luck on your reboot. You are taking good steps for yourself! You can do it. Losing 85 pounds was such an achievement!
Well....I am on day is hard because I have been in maintenance going on a year so I feel so hungry....but knew I didn't like the direction after having lost 85 pounds.

: each 5 gone!
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