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I think that perhaps one reason why people are more likely to lose on Medifast and wonder slim is because of the quick and significant weight loss. It naturally motivates people to continue to stay on plan, and also, to want to learn the habits of healthy eating to keep it off.
I too am a bringer. I always do well on any weight loss program in the beginning but then my intense cravings cause me to binge. Then, my strict "all or nothing" way of thinking slowly leads me off plan.
I've tried them all-WW, Jenny, NS and Medifast. Wonder slim is next. I have 6 more pounds to lose.
I recommend Medifast or Wonder slim (from what I've heard about it). The quick and significant loss is motivating. Those plans have to be followed exactly as designed, though.
But, I too, have to learn to deal with the intense "get in the car and drive" cravings and binging, or else no diet plan will ever have lasting results.

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