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Fever can be a sign of infection. Make sure your doctor knows about the fever and the pain spiked too.

Carb-cravings aren't just psychological, they're physical too, because carbohydrates do have pain-relieving and mood-altering effects.

Carb-cravings and pain spikes may be indications that your pain isn't being properly managed. It's far easier to prevent pain than to treat it once it's taken hold. Are you taking your medications on a schedule, or are you waiting until the pain is very bad before taking your next dose?

Very often you can actually use far less pain medications by taking them on a schedule that allows you to prevent the pain (or at least the worst of it). If you wait until you have severe pain, it can take much higher doses to get the pain under control.

Talk to your doctor about the pain (and the cravings) and try to be very graphic in your description (I've found that when you tell doctors you have pain, they don't take it nearly as seriously as when you describe the pain, it's intensity, how long it lasts, and how it interfered with your ability to function).
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