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There is no difference. Nothing special or magical about being thin. Certainly nothing that would make a person smarter or more together than their heavier counterpart. You found new motivations and that's awesome but people of all shapes and sizes do that in many ways, every day. You probably have more energy now and are realizing the benefits of more energy. Perhaps you are feeling more positive about your life in general b/c your weight affected your self-esteem and body image so negatively?

I don't want to be negative towards you in any way. I hope post doesn't sound this way but it has to be said: People are people, there's no special thing that thinner people have or are capable of than thicker people. The only difference is some body fat. We all have our own sparkle and influence. We grow, and develop as human beings; with that comes change and hopefully for the best. When people equate making positive change in their lives solely to their weight loss, they are in danger of quite a fall should they ever have a circumstance that contributes to weight gain like: pregnancy, injury, or illness.

I recognize the line of thinking. People expect their lives to become some marvelous thing once they get their weight in an average range. The diet industry makes tons of money every year indulging this fantasy. It's kinda a head trip if you think about it but it's an effective stereotype. I think it takes away from the worth of people and what they've achieved by their own merit with their own skill and persistence, that's why it bothers me.

I honestly think you achieved so much b/c you set your mind to it and things came together nicely for you. And please don't get me wrong, I think that's wonderful. I love to hear stories like that!

Calorie counting gave me a method to fix the madness.

A high protein, moderate carb balance gives me control over cravings.
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