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Um... I like living in my head more? Neglecting body gave me time for that?

I do ok in keeping up with mental health and emotional health across my life. I've enjoyed my time as a student and enjoy mental challenges now that I'm not in academics. I've had good friends, family, and romantic relationships so my emotion end of things is fine. I can handle conflict, express my feelings, etc.

But I was floundering a bit on spiritual health in my teens/20's.

And I neglected body health because I'm not a keen sportswoman or anything... I didn't have the natural talent there that would lead me to enjoy it and didn't esp develop the skills to offset lack of natural talent. I have no especial kinesthetic intelligence.

In my late 20's I decided I better start looking at me as a WHOLE well balanced person and how to best achieve it. That meant giving up some mental stimulus to spend more time pumping up spirit and body buckets.

Kinda like... ok braniac... Books and papers are fun to read, but lay off some there on the mental bucket so you can ALSO do other things for you in your other areas going lacking! Your brain and heart are strong but your soul and body are wimpy! You are lopsided!

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