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I hope you all will forgive me but honestly today is the first time in several days that the thread has even crossed my mind. Amazing since I spent so much time here in the last few months.

My sincere apologies to the newcomers and my old friends for not being able to take the time right now to backtrack to see what's been going on in your lives. Shero, I did see as I glanced back that your Yorkie has died. I am so very sorry. Taffy is what is helping keep me sane at the moment.

A quick update here and then I'll have to get husband is having several tests run to determine problems and a very serious one cropped up yesterday that we hadn't expected. During a barium swallow test they discovered he has some liquid going into his lungs. We have no idea where this will lead as this is a totally different problem than we were seeking help from. (We do suspect it must be a recent development or else he would have developed pneumonia from aspiration.) Anyway, we still have the stomach tests to endure, etc.

As before, my diet is the least of my worries right now...just trying to keep both our heads above water with this last health crisis. I am just blown away by this latest complication.

Don't forget me or give up on me...I will be back for the friendship and fellowship, etc. when life evens out a bit. Tons of WS products around here that I'm simply ignoring right now. It's a shame that I don't react to stress by losing weight...LOL

Have to go now...just know that I may not be here literally but I am so excited for your successes.
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