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Post Good Morning everyone!

Welcome to Kamikazecat! So glad you have joined us. I had the same problem with I first started the diet. For the first few days it was smooth sailing, no hunger at all, then I started getting hungry between meals. I went to every 3 hour meal or snack and it seemed to take care of it. I read a good post on another board that said if you aren't hungry enough for a shake or pudding, you aren't hungry. Sometimes I find I just want "something" but a shake is not appealing...I get up and go do something else until the thought passes.
Shannoni: I'm so glad you ordered your product. I realize the shipping was expensive and had tried to respond to your post, but for some reason some of my posts get a time out or did not connect. My first 3 weeks on the plan: wk 1- 6 pounds lost, wk 2- 5 pounds lost wk 3- 7 pounds lost. So the first 3 weeks were great. Of course I started at 258 pounds. Now my loss has seemed to level off to 2-3 pounds a week. Of course I would like to lose more, but I'm headed in the right direction. This morning's weigh in was at 199! First time I've been in onederland in 5 years or so. I'm thrilled! Now 40 or so more pounds to lose and I'll be at my lowest adult weight. I feel good, my clothes feel good, I feel healthy, I'm going to have to fight complacency tooth and nail. When I lost 5 years ago, I got to 185 and decided I liked it there. Still overweight, but not wanting to continue to try to "diet". This is not a diet for me at this point. It's a change in my eating routine that I'm in no hurry to change. It's effective, I'm happy with the taste of the food, so I can actually imagine myself getting to goal.
Wow...didn't mean that to be a dissertation.
Shero: Hope you find the perfect puppy to adopt. Some friends of ours have a Yorkie rescue that is the most precious dog I have ever seen. She was a backyard breeder when they rescued her. They had to teach her to play, but she has taken to it so well :-) She is 7 now and plays like a puppy. We have a street cat hanging around our cat outside, so I think we're going to try to get hold of him this week and take him in for shots and neutering. Our cat has hated every other cat that has come around, but he seems to like this one.
Toy and ExTex: Let us know how you're doing. I miss y'all.
Nowisthetime: Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your stomach virus, but your weight loss is impressive :-)
Hope everyone has a great, on plan, weekend.
Praising God for every ounce lost!
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