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The Paleo diet isn't obesity-proof. After all, paleo people did know what fat people look like (as indicated by their obese goddess figures such as the Venus of Willendorf).

Obesity was still possible, it was just less likely.

The symptom improvement you're reporting regarding your sleep, headaches and energy levels suggest that you're on the right track, you will just have to keep tweaking to find your own perfect combo.

Not all paleo-eating people (even in paleo times) were the same weight, or ate the same foods. You still have to experiment within paleo to find the foods, exercise level, and perhaps even portions that suit you best.

If you read the paleo thread here, or on other paleo boards and websites, you find that there are many variations of paleo, and largely people find what works best for them through experimenting.

Some paleo dieters eat potatoes (at least sweet potatoes) without problems.

Some include small amounts of dairy (or fermented dairy).

Some include eggs, others avoid them (Some nutritional anthropologists believe that allergies are connected to the "newness" of a food in the human diet. Since eggs are a common allergen, they believe that eggs were not a common part of the paleolithic diet).

Some paleo diets eliminate certain fruits and vegetables (either because they believe nothing similar was found in paleo times, or because of the carb count) such as tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, carrots... Some even eliminate all fruits other than berries (and some even limit berries to only very small amounts)...

Some paleo diets recommend eating low-fat others recommend a high-fat diet (because some paleo hunter-gathering diets were low in fat, others were high in fat - such as the Inuit/eskimo diet). Others argue that high-fat diets are only recommended in cold climates.

There are so many factors involved in how we should eat, that we probably will never find a one-size-fits-all diet. We'll always have to tweak our diets based on our own individual needs.

Personally, I find exchange plan dieting helpful for portion control, but I use paleo principles for most of my food choices. Others might suggest giving up the higher-calorie or higher carb paleo foods, or trying one of the stricter forms of the paleo diet.
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