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Jen & guys are awesome. So happy for you, you are both sooooo close. Stay focused. Stay OP. Stay awesome Big smile on my face for you.

re: the jeans discussion...I hadn't thought of Maurices...they do have a large selection of lots of brands of jeans at different prices. I never have luck finding GAP jeans, but I'm borrowing a bunch of my friends clothes and her GAP jeans and dress pants fit me awesome. But I go in to try and find my own and I can't find any. I need a shopping assistant. I'm short but petites don't work, only "shorts", there's a I end up getting lots altered. I still need khaki's, dress pants, and some nice capris once it gets warm.

Holding at 155. TTOM started today so over the next week is when I tend to drop weight. Hoping 2-3 more weeks and I'll hit goal. But I do feel good here...and yesterday I was just ready to EAT (and eat and eat). I didn't, besides an extra turkey meatloaf muffin.

Has anyone made Kale chips? I think I'm going to try them tonight...
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