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So i've read ur whole wonderslim (the one that has like 601 messages) and i got convinced to join the group so i just ordered the 4 wk starter kit. and this group here seemed very supportive and i figured i should join to get some help from you guys (since my husband eats all day and never gains a lb). I live in Hawaii so i dont know how long till my kit gets here. Since u all know each other i'm probably gonna have a hard time keeping up. If u all don't mind give a lil bit of description so i can catch up to u all.

I am Shannon, I love in Hawaii. I am 23yrs old and am in graduate school for Masters in Nursing. I weight 165 im 5.6 and my goal weight in 130.

just a fun bet. If i follow every thing correctly how long do u think it'll be for me to reach my goal? ( the person who has the best guess can get a Hawaii shirt from me as a winner )
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