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daw123, I had meant to send medifaker to the Food Substitutes thread, not to this thread--this thread is the Non-Medifast Brand Foods thread. I know, it's easy to get them mixed up.

This thread contains some foods that are nowhere near the Medifast food profile--some are just 100-cal. junk foods that a poster is saying are OK, and in my view, they are not--not if one is trying to stay with the Medifast program.

By "profile" I meant the total calories and the macronutrient grams, that is, protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Total calories should be 90-110 cals. per meal (other than Lean & Green). Protein and carbohydrate should be roughly equal, at around 12-14 grams each. And fat should be 3 grams or lower. Also, fiber should be around 4 grams.

As I explained in the other thread (Food Substitutes), some of the Medifast rules are broken with these foods, such as "no dairy" and "no fruits." But one cannot meet the profile without some sources of protein and carbohydrate, e.g., lowfat cottage cheese. But if you are someone who can't eat soy protein isolate, you gotta do something.

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