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Glad I found this thread. I am doing Body by Vi. I have seen and talked to several people who have done it and they did lose a lot of weight. My husband had a friend who lost a lot on it and he wanted to try it. When I mixed his shake for him yesterday I tasted it and it was so good I decided to give it a try. I don't have a ton to lose, 25 pounds is my goal. I was doing HCG because i did it last summer and lost 22 pounds. I just got bored and tired of cooking meals for the family that I could not have. With Body by Vi you do the two shakes which taste wonderful I have to say, 2 low calorie snacks and a sensible meal for supper. Last night I had a steak and baked potato. I probably should have had a good vegetable instead but really wanted a potato. And I was down 2 pounds this morning. Can't argue with that.
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