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I'm in a bad mental place right now. I said DH decided to do the plan with me. Fine whatever, but he is driving me up the wall. The 1st words out of his mouth this morning were "wow, I get to eat so much more than you". And I know he will cheat along the way and will lose so much more than me. We did LA Weightloss together years ago and he lost twice as much weight as me weekly and he later confessed to eating at least one candy bar a day. Plus he only has 25 lbs to lose to my 100. I am so frustrated. I was in the right dieting frame of mind when I ordered all the stuff and now that he decided that he is going to do the same thing I'm frustrated beyond belief. Plus he doesn't like certain things like coffee and peanut butter, so I will be stuck with all the mocha which I don't really like. And he doesn't like berries except for strawberries so I'm sure I will be stuck with all the berry yogurts with I think are horrible. I don't mind the strawberry ones, but he will eat all of those. I should just make another order, but a 12 week plan is enough to try to find places for. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Plus I have to be the supportive wife, but all I want to do is tell him to go to ****. I think I forgot to mention that I'm PMS'ing and my hormones are all out of whack so I get hateful this time of month. But I try really hard to just bottle all that up, which makes it worse
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