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Default Can you recommend me a "plan"?

I have done Weight Watchers 4 times and have gained and lost the same 50 lbs all 4 times. My brain seems to have this magic number of where I need to stop. I get to about 170 and the wheels fall off.

My doctor suggested I try Medifast or Nutrisystem, because in theory both would be completely planned for me. The problem with something like that is that I cannot control myself. It's disturbing actually. I seriously get a craving in my head and I will literally get into my car and drive even an hour to obtain this item. And I binge on that item.

I also have a few supper clubs, and often have work lunches/dinners to attend where I cannot get away with not eating or bringing something else. So how would such a plan work for me?

I am at the end of my rope. I have tried that Diet Magic pill as some kind of an appetite suppressant, and I think it worked fine to start but I somehow manage to still constantly think about food and want to eat.

I cannot honestly say I have ever in my life been "satisfied" with a meal. I am either eating a trough of food, and still feeling like I am starving or end up stuffed and want to vomit later. But something has to happen. And since I cannot get my dentist to wire my mouth shut yet, not for lack of trying!, I need something else.
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