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Default Anyone Own Ferret's? If So, I Want To Know Everything!

Hey there my fellow 3FCer's!
My boyfriend and I have been thinking about getting a ferret for months and have been doing research for much longer then that! We recently cleared it with our landlord and have started saving up for one. My are they expensive pets when you add in everything they need like vitamins/supplements, high quality food, litter etc. In Canada the cost of adopting one through a pet store is $200 or more! Although, we are looking to adopt one from a shelter/rescue or from someone who just can't take care of it anymore. Anyway, I have read almost everything there is to read on the internet, but I would really like to hear some personal stories! So if you have one, two, three or more I would love to hear everything you have to say about them. Tips and tricks for training, keep down the smell, homemade toy idea's are all appreciated!

Thanks in advance everyone!

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