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Name: Kelly
Age: 35
Where you live: Western NY
Where you grew up: Central NY

Do you have kids? How old? Daughter 9 and a son, 6

Current job or field of work / studies: Accounting - at least until I figure out what I want to do when I grow up

Why did you choose South Beach? It's worked for me before and the lifestyle makes sense to me

Are you going at this plan by yourself or do you have support (other than us of course)? My husband is on board but probably won't stick to plan 100%

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Foods: Pasta, good ice cream, red wine

Favorite Exercise: umm, yeah, none - this is part of the weight problem

Problem In Weight Loss: Lack of planning and preparation. That and I hate to cook.

Beyond the facts
Favorite books:too many to list; fave authors are Joshilyn Jackson & Anna Quindlen

Favorite kinds of music / bands: I'll listen to just about anything

Favorite movies: Comedies

Hobbies: Reading, nutrition, yoga -- whether I have time for those is a totally different story

Are you a camping and hiking kind of person or do you prefer less sweaty and “roughing it” kinds of activities? I prefer being pampered in a spa, however I'm married to a very outdoorsy-type person and my kids love camping so my camping/hiking experiences outweigh any spa time by about 100 to 1

The place you’d most like to visit: Hawaii

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I've started (& stopped) SB a few times over the last three years. This time I'm committed to making it work. I'm tired of having a tummy roll and I'm tired of my clothes not fitting right. I've also got to start setting a better example for my kids.
~ Kelly

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