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Hmm I've been looking into getting some protein shakes cos I want to up my protein intake and would like to drink one after runs but not as a meal replacement and so low calorie is fairly important.

I've found one that's 1.1g carbohydrate for every 24g protein... it's 257 calories per drink (with milk) which gives 33g protein and 11g carbohydrate. It's 9.99 for 500g (makes 16 drinks). Does this seem good to anyone else? I'm brand new to this so I'm a bit confused.
Oh and was also wondering- are protein shakes really thick? A long while ago I was forced to drink meal supplements (ensure) (long story) and they really freaked me out.. something about the texture and how thick it was... and I was just wondering if these are the same cos then there's no chance of me drinking them :P.

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