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New to the forum here (actually learned today that I joined back in September 2011- but I'd forgotten that I actually signed up!) but have been a WWPPlus member since Dec 2010. I am currently at goal, but finding maintenance hard. While losing, I never used the 49 points. Well, I can't say never. But I certainly never planned to! I also got lots of activity points and rarely dug into them. That was on the 29 point plan. I was stuck for a while at the end of the summer, and I switched to calorie counting and then lost the last 10 lbs. I kept thinking to myself that the one flaw of the points plus plan was that the points didn't get reduced as our bodies would get smaller. A smaller person burns less calories (in general, on average) and it seemed to me that the same amount of calories that allowed me to lose well in the beginning would not continue to work when I'm now 50 lbs lighter.

But that doesn't address the weekly points question posed by the OP. I guess I'd just say I agree with those on here who say you have to play with it a bit and figure out what works for you. That means being willing to have some weeks which may not have been as great as they could have been, but at least they will have been informational and that is very important. Maybe if I'd been willing to experiment more, I would've discovered that I actually could have eaten a little more in a planned and regulated way, and then I probably would not have had the times when I overate in an out of control way because I'd let myself get too hungry, or felt guilty dipping into those weekly or activity points.
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