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Hey Momto5! Welcome!

Suzanne posted this somewhere, and I saved it...


The following represents a complete list of all the
foods/ingredients recommended for Phase One of the South Beach
Diet. There are no absolutes here, just a loosely organized list
of the things that you'll need to buy (or have at home) if you
want to make all the items on the Phase One Menu Plan for the
first 14 days.

South Beach Diet Shopping List
Phase 1

Vegetable juice cocktail
Tomato juice

Romaine lettuce
Mixed greens
Green bell peppers
Red bell peppers
Yellow bell pepper
Cherry tomatoes
10-oz.pkg.frozen chopped spinach
Onions (red, yellow, white)
Scallions (green onions)
Boston lettuce
Snow peas
Green cabbage
Summer squash
Red onion
Medium pear-shaped tomatoes
2 medium artichokes
Fennel or endive
Small head green cabbage
Snow Peas
Large mushrooms
Green beans
Tiny green beans

Fresh lemons
Fresh limes

Salmon spread
Smoked salmon
Orange roughy filets
Mahi mahi
Salmon roe (optional)
1 lb. fresh halibut, scrod, swordfish, salmon, or tuna steak cut
one inch thick
6 oz. can water-packed tuna
6 oz. can crabmeat

Ground sirloin
Canadian bacon
Skinless chicken breasts
Turkey breast slices
Beef tenderloins 1 inch thick
Sliced low-fat, low-sugar ham
Sirloin, top round, or eye round London broil
Sirloin steaks (6 oz. each)

Liquid egg substitute

Part-skim mozzarella cheese sticks
Laughing Cow Light Cheese
Fat-free sour cream (optional)
Shredded reduced-fat cheese
Part-skim ricotta cheese
Low-fat cottage cheese
Parmesan cheese
Shredded reduced-fat mozzarella cheese
Blue cheese
Fat-free sour cream
Fat-free plain yogurt
Reduced-fat feta cheese
I Canít Believe Itís Not Butter! spray
Land OíLakes Gourmet Fat-Free Half & Half
Smart Balance Spread
Fat-free frozen whipped topping
Nonfat dry milk

Fresh dill-weed
Fresh thyme
Fresh basil
Fresh rosemary leaves
Dried rosemary
Capers (optional)
Fresh cilantro
Mustard seeds
Red-pepper flakes
Bay leaves
Fresh ginger
Dried / fresh oregano
Bay leaves
Cracked black pepper / Pepper corns
Ground cumin
Ground red pepper
Fresh flat-leaf parsley
Chives (optional)

Dry-packed sun-dried tomatoes
Cholesterol-free bacon bits
1 16-oz. bag frozen shelled edamame (green soybeans) (may
substitute chickpeas)

Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Hot pepper sauce (optional)
Low-sugar prepared dressing
Cooking spray
Reduced-fat mayonnaise
Light (low sodium) soy sauce
Dijon mustard
Low sodium soy sauce
Black olives
Water chestnuts
Worcestershire sauce
White wine vinegar
Sesame oil
Dark sesame oil
Tahini (sesame paste)
Rice wine vinegar
Fat-free chicken broth
Canned anchovies
15 oz. can chickpeas
Fat-free evaporated milk
Pine nuts
Sesame seeds
Pistachio nuts
Chicken-flavored bouillon granules

Dry sherry or vermouth
Dry red wine
Chablis or other dry white wine

Foil Baking Cups

Sugar-free flavored gelatin dessert (the Royal brand does not
use aspartame)
Vanilla extract
Sugar substitute
Almond extract
Slivered almonds
Unsweetened cocoa powder
Espresso powder
Mini chocolate chips
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