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Whew!! Just looked at my last post and I am feeling wordy this morning! Lol, I guess it's because I slept in a bit and didn't talk with hubby before he left for work. I've got to get my words out somehow! Lol!

Had one of those strange dreams this morning. I was at some kind of buffet / banquet and had a plate loaded with fresh strawberries, a biscuit with a touch of gravy, and some cheese. Actually (aside from the gravy of which there was only about a tablespoon, and the biscuit that I don't think was whole wheat) it wasn't a horrid breakfast. That's the first dream I've had where I wasn't completely gouging myself on some horrid food. Maybe that means some of my inner dialogues have changed? I hope so because I can tell you this right now, I am never going back to the way I was!!

Hope everyone has a great day today!! I have my RTD Mango all ready to go, and I'm planning on a semi early lunch (bar + sliced peppers) while I'm folding laundry and watching The Biggest Loser. I'm a dork!

Also, I'm hoping to make it to Target today to get a replacement water bottle. Mine bit the dust yesterday when it fell out of my purse and cracked and I can't see being able to keep up with my water consumption without it Any suggestions on your favorite? I just tried a Bobble recently and didn't like it (took forever to get the water out!) this was a Contigo which I liked because it sealed but still opened completely to let the water out; however, I won't be making it across town to get another one today.

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Had my first weigh in last night. I am 6 LBs lighter!!
Congrats!! That's awesome!!
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