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Hello. I'm a calorie counter but lately ive been bloated all the time so im making the switch to shakes, i can still count calories, but without eating over processed foods that were bloating me. at least thats the idea im going with and i hope it works. Basically I am eating 2 slim fast shakes a day, 2 source yogurts, 1 fibre something granola bar,1 muesli cereal, and only water to drink. this leaves me with 300-350 calories for a small healthy meal every day. I don't think the slim fast we have in canada are the same as the ones mentioned here. The ones here have 260 calories not 190, so I'm guessing the formulas are different. So thats my game plan now. 1350 calories of 'healthy' food at least in comparison to what I was eating, all water for drinks, 30 mins exercise every 2nd day. Im hopeing it was the diet pepsi and processed foods that were bloating me. Its not my tom. I got off tom and have been struggling to get rid of bloat. I know some of its from friday when I went pub hopping on the guinness but its monday now shouldnt that be gone?

Slowly getting there one step at a time.

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