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Default Hello everyone

Thanks so much for remembering both my aunt and myself in prayer. It's a rough time for us, but she seems closer each day to getting to her goal of going to be with the Lord.
I lost 3 pounds last week. I have resolved myself to the fact that 2 to 3 pounds is probably going to be as good as it gets from here to my goal. I've reset my goal date from before July whenever I get there. It's hard to stay on plan with stress issues and I think I've been at least 95% successful, but have felt my commitment starting to slip at times. Like..."go ahead and have what everyone else is having. It's only one time!" Thankfully nothing horribly bad has been that appealing. I had a large spring salad yesterday when we ate out. It had halves of English walnuts on it. I could have picked them off without losing a thing from the taste. Did I pick them off...nooooooo.... Oh well, next time
Sara: So sorry to hear you're having a bad day (week) you are going through a hard time, but you are a priceless treasure in Jesus' eyes. Really, who else matters? You mentioned friends, I have a lot of casual friends, but have always had a problem letting people into my life to get close to me. Except one...I met my best friend when we were freshmen in high school (over 40 years ago) and knew we would be best friends for life. We email almost every day, talk about every other month and try to visit a couple times a year. She's the most supportive person I've ever met. We always have people we can go out to dinner with, or friends from church we see socially, but to have one excellent friend has been all I have needed. Do you have someone now, or someone from your past you could develop a closer bond with?
Sheri, so glad your dog is feeling some better. Toy: Keeping you and your husband in prayer. Speed: Looking forward to your weigh in results! You are so right, it's hard to travel and have restaurant meals and stay on plan, but sometimes the weigh in surprises you.
To everyone else, hope we all have a great, on plan, week.
Praising God for every ounce lost!
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