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MsModelSara-You post touched me. You are worth a million and you are not worthless.

What about your guy? Are you married to him?

Sometimes I get really down because both my parents are passed away and so are my husbands. Then I read post like yours and realize not all relationships are gravy. I don't understand when the roles are reversed like it sounds your's is with your mom. Ship that laptop out as soon as you can so that monkey is off your back.

Wow-has the people on this tread been under attack this week. We must all be trying to do something right because if we werent I dont think we would be having the obstacles throw our way.

Teena my yorkie is doing better but I am afraid there are more issues than the pnemonia and congestive heart failure. I gave her some pumpkin yesterday because she had not had a bm all week. Well it did work but now I am wondering if she is passing blood. Her bm was very dark and loose-what a mess to clean up on the carpet.

There is no way I am getting on the scale until the end of the month-I am afraid of what has happened with my weight. I have been off plan all week and given myself liberty to do what I want as far as food went.

Be careful Ms. Sara thinking your friends have it better than you. You never know what goes on behind those walls.

Consider me and all the others on this thread as your friends. Be good to yourself.

For Ex Tex and Toy and all the others that are having so much emotional stress-I am thinking of you and need to keep you in my prayers.

Hoping for a better week for us all. We need it. Survivors of stress are what we are this week. Ugghhh......
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