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Originally Posted by purple sky View Post
You are right Wuv but sometimes I feel like the coach because I am the one who says, but I lost this much or I know I will lose less cause I am shorter. Or, I like that my weight loss is slow and steady. I have been pleased with my numbers but it's just odd that the coach kind of makes comments. Which I know you won't do when you are a coach. You get it. I just sometimes feel bad before or after weigh ins but so much happier at home when I weigh. The ups, downs, plateaus don't really bother me. Trust me, I know or I feel this is about overall weight loss but find it odd that a coach focuses on the weekly numbers.

As always you hit it on the head. Whose journey is this and who do the numbers matter to? I shouldn't have to defend my height or my metabolism or ketosism

Ah, you are really good. I don't want to tell you what to do but you may wish to go beyond IP coach and be like a full coach or counselor. You zero in on the key points quickly and effectively.
Thank you I don't understand some of the coaches rationalization with of what they tell some of y'all...drives me crazy. They should be happy for whatever losses you have both on the scale and in inches. You should never EVER have to defend anything you are doing IF you are 100% which I know you have been. Its about understanding the program and learning from it...When you feel like the coach, just say to yourself....SHE doesn't matter...I know I have done well and that is all that counts!...always be excited about your success however big or small it is

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