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Originally Posted by purple sky View Post
I wish my coach were as excited about my weight loss as I am. Seems focused on the weekly numbers and almost displeased with the low numbers.

Otherwise, she is awesome. Highly knowledgeable. I just don't like hearing you are less than average or whatever it is she says. All I heard was less than average.
Purple, this is YOUR journey NOT hers!!.....she is not walking in your shoes. Your average does NOT have to meet the average of others....ITS YOUR AVERAGE.....just because they say a certain average doesn't mean we will all have that average. Just like driving a car...the sticker says 32mpg BUT that all depends on how you drive that car...highway or in town....NO ONE has the SAME average...its YOUR BODY!!!!.....those NUMBERS are JUST THAT....NUMBERS!!!!....its how YOU FEEL...NOT HER!! your clothes fit better? do you feel better? can you do things you couldn't do before without getting tired?.....THOSE are things that matter...NOT the numbers!!....You are doing fantastic!! KEEP UP the great work

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