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Welcome back Colleen!!!! I have missed your funny posts. I agree with you, we have a great friendship here and it is not only weight loss related. Don't beat yourself up so much about eating.... just try little things. It will happen with time.
I have slowed down quite a bit. I am working 6 days a week, but only 8 hours a day as opposed to me 14-16 for the past year and a half. I am almost done at the doctor's office though, so I will have my 2 days off a week back.
I don't blame you a bit about not working for minimum wage. Do they know what minimum wage gets them???? It gets them a minimum employee with minimum knowledge (just starting out). I am a firm believer you get what you pay for. There are some circumstances where this does not apply (a seasonal job) but NOT for a FT worker.
Also, congrats on the upcoming grandbaby!

Holly, you are doing awesome on SB. You know, my hardest thing is stopping at "one". So, when it comes to "junk", I have to do without all together.

Reda, how is your job going?

Well, I hate to be so short, (not that I could at almost 6 foot tall for a woman), but I am fighting a head cold and all that junk. I am moving slow, so I need to get my few chores done. DS1 is home from Alabama and he will be here in just a little bit.
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