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Colleen My diet may help you. I gave my package of information to a coworker of mine but I can sorta give you a run down on what I do that I remember is in the info. I dont follow it to a T but what I do does help me not have any more episodes. I know being hypoglycemic is a bit different then being diabetic but it does help keep the level where they need to be.

Carb servings are 15 per 1 serving. 2 carb servings is 30.

If I remember correctly I am aloud 1 carb serving for breakfast.
2 carb servings for lunch & dinner.

Snack between breakfast & lunch. Preferably fruit but can have up to 1 carb serving. Same for the snack between lunch & dinner. My Dr suggested a couple crackers as a snack right before bed. 4 saltines or half of a large piece of graham cracker. Peanut butter is Ok on the crackers.

Dr told me to stay away from juice even if it says 100% juice due to the way it ends up breaking down that fresh fruit is better- breaks down differently then juice. Stay away from pop or anything that has sugar added.

Dr has even told me that I am better to use the fake sugar then real sugar.

There are dfferent types of carbs (good & bad carbs) Sweet potatoes are better then white potatoes. When you can eat sweet potatoes over white. Sorry I dont remember the other good carbs. she did mention that if you eat pasta eat the whole grain/ wheat pasta.

Pay close attention to serving size for everything. If you try to stick to what the serving size is you eat alot less then just cutting back your normal serving that you take.

I eat alot of protien cuz it helps keep me fuller longer. I also crave less carbs when I eat alot of protien.

Most Veggies are good there are a few that is suggested that we stay away from or just eat a few. Sorry dont remember which.

Snack wise I got tired of eating same fruit all the time so I buy nutts, & found sweetpotato chips. There are also other stuff in the healthy isle of grocery store that I have tried but forget what I had bought & have trouble finding them again after returning to store.
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