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Default News from the Doctor

I got the lab results from my last doctor visit, when I had bronchitis. I asked for a FSH test to see where I fit in the whole scheme of things regarding menopause. As with the last doctor, he laughed at me, and told me I was too young (46) to worry about it. I wanted the test ANYWAY I insisted. Hmmmm...seems as though I DO know me better than THEY do! The test indicateds I am POST-menopausal! Good thing, or I really feel sorry for anyone that would have to live with me for anything worse than what I have been through already! Now I'm just kind of ticked that for the last 2 years, as I've been struggling with all this BS, if a doctor would have listened to me there may have been some relief available! I also got the results that I could have told them too...cholesterol is high, and glucose high too. Glucose bothered me a little. Diabetes runs in the family...I'll have to look into that a little further. Being I sit in front of a computer all day long, I've done some research. I'm not really loving my options. Exercise?! That is almost like a foreign language to me! Guess I better get to thinking a little harder about getting to know "it"!

I took the kids each a DQ frozen cake today for a belated Valentine's day gift. They seemed to welcomed! It was customer appreciation day--everything was 1/2 off!

It sure seems that it should be FRIDAY, not Wednesday! Too long of a week! With too grumpy of customers!

Hope you all have a great day!

to get back to where I was when I gave up... then it's a new goal... 10 pounds a month.
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