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Happy Monday everyone!!! Y'all shoulda seen how fast I got out of bed and ran down the stairs this morning after using the RR to weigh myself this morning....quite a comical site! And the results are I am down 5.8 lbs for the first week (and my bf is down to 40%...I started at 42%)! I'd say that's VERY successful thus far considering I've eaten out 4 days this week too ;-). So I know I coulda done better since the foods I ate were very healthy, all the added salt and such in it probably didn't let me lose as much. But I'm very proud since I am looking for a lifestyle change as well. Not just dropping weight real fast and then not knowing how to handle myself around real food again. :-D It's just not practical for me to force myself to make food at home for EVERY schedule is far too hectic.

How is everyone else doing with their battle against the scale?

Originally Posted by REKP View Post
Good Morning everyone:
Sara: The New Lifestyle diet products and Wonderslim products are the same. Only different packaging. I have been doing the same thing as speed and following the new lifestyle diet plan using a combination of new lifestyle and Wonderslim products. Carb, fat, protein grams and calories are pretty much the same for both when totaled.
Now is the time: Your weight loss is wonderful. Glad to see you back on plan.
Melissa: Looking forward to you starting the program, and your posts of success! I'm still avoiding the scale, so guess that would be a "non scale victory: right?
Hope everyone has a great, on plan, day.
Awesome, thanks for the clarification! Now it makes much more sense. :-)
I WILL get there!!
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