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Originally Posted by MsModelSara View Post
Welcome Melissa! From what I've read in past threads and how supportive these guys are, you've found a great group to stick with through your journey. I myself am just 6 days in now. :-) So far my typical day looks a lil like this: wake up about 6:45a, have my morning apples n cinnamon oatmeal and a mocha shake with instant coffe and unsweetened almond milk; morning snack around 9:30 and will be another shake made with unsweetened almond milk, lunch a lil after 12 and I have been eating the spicy mac n cheese every day because i love it that much..and have a snack bar with it, afternoon snack around 3:30 which is another shake with unsweetened almond milk, then dinner between 5:30-6:30 which will be something like a ceassar salad or some shrimp and veggies. then cheesacake around 8.

It's completely do-able!

2 lbs a week is fabulous! Don't let that get you down!!!

It's gotta feel good when other people notice you are losing :-)


Sounds like you are doing great! Just a word of caution - while I'm no expert on this plan by any means, nor have I been on it long...I've read tons of posts and threads on various forum sites where people get stuck into a plateau with not losing when they try to hard to pick different aspects of different plans to suit their needs/wants. If it's working for you that's fantastic! :-) It's easier to get too many calories or carbs or what have you when you are mixing and matching plans.

Awesome and sounds delicious!!! Can't wait to hear what you lost the first week!!!!

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