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Originally Posted by khtsmi View Post
Aunt Sheshie
I am on BP Med and thyroid meds. It started when I hit ketosis. If I would walk outsude IR even sitting it was like my heart would completely stop and two second later with a jolt start back. The moment I ate carbs I felt better. I cheated and ate a real fattening Carb filled meal. I am going to try again Tom to start back. Was it hard for you at first? I feel weak I am so hungry. The first time I did this it was not as bad. I am just wondering if you do truly stop feeling nauseated and so sick after awhile.
Sounds like you need more carbs. This diet only provides 50g or less of carbs. It is very, very low. Like others have suggested, what you think about an alternative diet after you see your Dr. and have some tests run. There is the normal feeling like crap once you first start this diet but it goes away.

There is something that feels like a heart flubber that Aunt Sheshie and I seem to have but it's not serious. No issues with my EKG's or stress tests, more of an annoyance to me but in the past it has raised my pulse quite a bit.

Can you eat more carbs until you get a work up at least just to rule out anything. It sounds like you are used to the palpatations every body is different and yours may not respond well to a super low carbs. I know we don't know each other but I suspect many of us will worry until we hear how you are doing.

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