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Originally Posted by Aunt Sheshie View Post
I'm not a dr. & have no medical training, so I can only tell you about my experiences... when I first started IP, sometimes when I went to bed & all was still & quiet, I'd feel what I first interpreted as heart flutters... scared me to death!.. but I did a little research & discovered what I was feeling was really contractions of my esophagus, & since what I was feeling was in the general area of my heart, I only thought it was my heart doing flip-flops... I still don't know why the esophagus would do such a thing or what the connection to IP might be, but what I did discover through further research was that a couple of aloe vera gelcaps a day should relieve the flutters... they worked for me, & I can always expect to have flutters if I don't take the aloe vera for about a week...

I am not saying this is what you're experiencing... only that it might not be as bad as you're thinking... still, the best thing for you to do is see your dr. to rule out anything serious...

I had that. Drives me crazy. Used to be really bad and I could not sleep at night. I, too, went online and it seemed to be related to something called GERD. Docs did not find anything. Ran EKG's, stress test, etc. It got better over time and I tried to decrease richer or spicier foods but it appeared to kick back in right after I started IP. It's not as bad as it was but it is still there and drives me crazy. All that thumping.

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